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Final Countdown – Two Weeks Left!

December 5th, 2006 · No Comments

Well, we just finished our last group presentation. This one was actually pretty cool, we had an opportunity to pitch a fictional product to some real venture capitalist’s. Despite the fact that no one really loved the product, MBET brought in a couple angel investor’s from Toronto to be part of the judging panel. It has also been set up as a contest, with the winners getting bonus marks on their Integrated Case, which makes up a portion of the mark for every class. So there was some incentive to do well!!

It’s been a busy couple weeks, so everyone was here late last night working on their pitches. We did a fairly heavy re-write starting at about 8pm last night, and didn’t get out of here until after midnight. We were first up at 9:30am this morning, so needless to say there wasn’t a lot of sleep!! I think it went alright, though it’s hard to compare because we don’t get to see the other groups. I guess we’ll find out in an hour.

Overall, this term has definitely given us a chance to work on our presentation skills. We had a 90-second pitch earlier, quite a few presentations, and our big investment pitch today. I was fairly comfortable giving presentations coming in, but looking back, I think I’ve got better even through this term. I think I’ve still got more room to improve, so hopefully by the end of MBET, I’ll be really comfortable in front of an audience!!!

Check back shortly for the morning’s results!

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